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Melbourne Gravel and Sand

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Jacksonville Topsoil provides high-quality topsoil and dirt to the Jacksonville and surrounding area market. Most people think that all dirt is the same, this simply isn't true. Low quality soil can be inundated with weed seeds, which will cause years and years of weed fighting. Vines and even trees can grow out due to poor quality top soils. Rocks and roots are another example of poor quality top soil, causing years and years of extra work not to mention the occasional 'ouch' when stepped on by a bare foot! Another issue would be too much sand and too little black compost which won't support healthy yard growth and development.



Specializing in delivering beach sand, yellow top dressing sand, mason sand, and A-3 Certified septic sand. For residential, commercial, and industrial projects. There's no need to go to the beach when we can bring the beach sand to you.

Lime Rock

Designed for driveways, drive pads, walkways and more. Lime Rock gravel mix comes in three different sizes from 3/4 to smaller. Mixed with round up lime rock base, this gravel spreads easy, packs down well and allows for excellent drainage. When compared to crushcrete or millings you'll find a far more aesthetically pleasing and cleaner look.


Also available Lime Rock driveway gravel, #57, #89, drainage graveland granite gravel and landscape decorative gravels.


Providing a comprehensive collection of gravel rocks for commercial or residential projects. Jacksonville Stone and Gravel offers on-site delivery of gravel and stones to meet the demands of any job size. Gravel can be utilized for drainage and erosion control, for aesthetic landscaping needs and much much more.

Rip Rap Boulders

RIP RAP Boulders in a bag – Construction Grade material to be used in areas with concentrated runoff, helping to protect and prevent erosion. These specialty stones have nooks and crannies that help divert and control water while preventing erosion. These rocks come in 2,000 pound bags varying in size and are delivered to your job site.

Common uses include Gabion Walls (similar to retaining walls that direct water) V-Ditch Lining (typical for long/steep driveways, allows for water run-off in a way that will not erode the surrounding earth) Erosion Control (offering protection to the surrounding soil) Driveway Lining (offering erosion control while also being aesthetically pleasing) Landscaping (attractive rock that beautifies the surrounding area) Delivered in 2,000 pound bags they are easily installed by one person.

Fill Dirt

Our select fill dirt can be used as a pad material and has been used on commercial, residential projects and building sites. Our fill dirt falls well within most engineer specs.

Move It

We also spread and move dirt, rock, gravel, and sand anywhere you want on your property! We have the right equipment for commercial properties or residential.

We Deliver!!

On call and ready to deliver to your residential or commercial location. Serving the Greater Melbourne market-space, commercial and residential landscaping professionals.

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We Now Carry Seashell Mulch

Honduras River Rock

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Improve the appearance of your landscaping and protect your soil! Mulch is environmentally-friendly and easy to use on yards, gardens, and flower-beds. Ideal for aesthetically improving parks, trails and playgrounds. Creating a soft surface for walking or running. Enhance your outdoor area with mulch! We offer same-day delivery and free consultations to ensure you receive the perfect amount for your area of interest.

Mulch Improves Landscapes and Protects Soil

Mulch is environmentally-friendly and easy to use on yards, farms, and gardens. Mulch is also perfect for parks, trails, and playgrounds, as it creates a soft surface for walking or running. No matter the setting, mulch enhances the appearance of any landscape.

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Commercial pricing on Number 57 and Number 89 and 1/4 inch Lime Rock and Limestone. Other aggregate available includes, Granite Number 57 and Number 89. Granite in small and large sizes or Lime Rock riprap. Coral sand, concrete screening and paver base, brown and white River Rock, Salt and Pepper Granite as well as Chattahoochee River Rock.

All loads of Gravel and Topsoil are only estimated. Loads can be up to 25% less or more depending upon, loaders, mass, moisture, truck capacity, volume, and type of product. We cannot guarantee accurate coverage. You may need more or less product. We cannot be responsible for overage or shortage.

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